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Articles about DNA Testing

All about toothbrush DNA testing

Toothbrush DNA testing is a safe & discreet way to carry out a DNA test.

Can someone cheat a DNA test?

Can someone cheat a DNA test? It’s one of the questions we get asked most. Find out the answer here.

How much is a DNA test?

How much does a DNA test cost? Find all the information you need here.

The history of DNA discovery

Learn about the history of DNA discovery and DNA science.

DNA testing after fertility treatments

Learn more about DNA testing options after fertility treatments.

Identical vs fraternal twins

In this article, we discuss the difference between identical and non-identical (fraternal) twins.

Zygosity twin testing explained

Looking for information about our DNA zygosity twin testing? Find the answers to your questions here.

Types of DNA testing

Learn about the different types of DNA testing available at AlphaBiolabs.

Understanding my DNA test results

Find out more about how to read and understand your DNA test results.

How much DNA do we share?

How much DNA do human beings share? Learn more here.

The DNA science

Explore the science of DNA.

Why is consent needed for DNA testing?

In this article, we discuss consent for DNA testing, why consent is needed, and whether you can refuse to consent to a DNA test.

How accurate is a blood test for gender?

In this article, we discuss baby gender testing, how the test works, and the accuracy of a baby gender test.

How much DNA do brothers and sisters share?

In this article, we discuss how brothers and sisters share DNA, and what can be learnt from a sibling DNA test.

Can a DNA test prove half-siblings?

In this article, we discuss DNA testing for siblings, and whether a DNA test can prove half-siblings.

Should I take a DNA test?

We discuss whether you should take a DNA test, the reasons people need DNA tests, and the implications of taking a test.

Do twins run in families?

We discuss whether twins run in families, and the factors that can increase your chances of conceiving twins.

Additional DNA reporting

AlphaBiolabs offers its customers the option to include additional reports with every case.

Baby gender test vs. ultrasound

Which is more reliable; a baby gender DNA test or an ultrasound?

Fun facts about twins

Here are some fun facts about twins that are actually true.

Peace of mind vs. legal DNA testing

What is the difference between a peace of mind and a legal DNA test? Find out here.