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Legal drug testing

  • Drug testing results within 3 days
  • Low transparent prices
  • A quote can be emailed to you in seconds not hours
  • Award-winning and accredited laboratory processes
  • Able to test for the widest range of drugs including non-standard ones
  • AlphaBiolabs has provided first-class testing services to the legal sector for over 10 years

“I use AlphaBiolabs every time for my client’s legal drugs testing. That way I know my results are correct”
David Brown, Family Law Solicitor

Hair strand drug test results in 3 days

We offer drug and alcohol testing results in 3 working days, as standard

Legal drug testing

AlphaBiolabs works with many legal practitioners, family law firms, courts and local authorities to support decisions that protect children and families from the effects of harmful substances.

We use the latest technologies to bring you fast and reliable legal test results from a wide range of illicit, prescription and over-the-counter drugs. We ensure that our drug tests are as accurate as possible thanks to our expert toxicologists and substantial investment in the latest analytical equipment.

If you have received a quote for a like-for-like legal drug test from another testing laboratory we will match their price and knock 5% off. This makes AlphaBiolabs one of the most cost-effective solutions for your legal drug testing needs.

Price Match Promise

We will match any
like-for-like quote
and beat it by 5%

Our drug testing panel

Below is a list of the main drugs we can test for:

Amphetamine Codeine
Methamphetamine Dihydrocodeine
MDMA (Ecstasy) Mephedrone
MDA Zolpidem
Alprazolam Ketamine
Diazepam PCP
Temazepam Buprenorphine
Chlordiazepoxide PCP
Nitrazepam Tramadol *please note this is not in our standard panel
Cannabis (THC) LSD *please note this is not in our standard panel
Cocaine GHB *please note this is not in our standard panel
Methadone Spice *please note this is not in our standard panel
Heroin Steroids *please note this is not in our standard panel

*Included within our ISO 17025 Schedule of Accreditation

Drug Testing to Detect Illicit Drug Misuse

Once a drug is ingested, it can be detected in urine almost immediately and for several days thereafter. Drugs can be detected in oral fluid shortly after being consumed and for up to 48 hours.

Hair drug testing gives a detailed history of drug use from 2 weeks after ingestion, up to approximately a 12-month period. Segmentation of the hair into monthly sections is recommended to provide a detailed historical record of drug abuse/abstinence.

We can now offer drug testing results in 3 working days, as standard.

approved immigration testing

Accredited legal drug testing

AlphaBiolabs specialises in legal drug testing. We have worked with solicitors and local authorities for over 10 years to build a service designed for their needs. We go to great lengths to ensure that our legal drug testing processes are the best available, which is why you can be sure if you take a legal drug test with AlphaBiolabs you will get the fastest, most accurate drug testing available.

Our testing laboratory is accredited by UKAS (No. 2773), to the quality technical standard of ISO 17025, and we are also certified to ISO 9001.

Sample collection network

We have a network of trained sample collectors available to collect samples from an address of your choice.

If you require a legal drug test, please call 0140 29466 for our latest offers.

The benefits of hair drug testing for court matters

Hair drug testing can determine whether drugs have been abused over a prolonged period of time.

An average person’s head hair grows at a rate of approximately 1 cm per month. Following consumption of a drug and its passage into the bloodstream, a proportion of the drug’s metabolites will enter the hair follicle.

The head hair sample is collected and cut according to the specific requirements. An ‘overview’ drugs of abuse test, for example to cover a period of 3 months, may show positive for the whole 3-month period even if your client has abused drugs occasionally. This can give the impression that the sample donor had been abusing drugs for the whole period analysed.

To gain a clearer picture of how long the client has been using a drug, we recommend that the hair is segmented, and each segment analysed separately for the presence of drugs. This allows us to analyse the hair sample on a month-by-month basis to indicate over which months the sample donor was taking the drug, rather than providing a general overview of the entire period.

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I am very impressed with the exceptionally high quality, service and speed. I will be using your company in all future referrals. Great to have found this service which is 100% less hassle than other companies.

Helen Sangster

Family Solicitor, Yaffe Jackson Ostrin Solicitors

Excellent service and all round very user friendly.

Colm McLaughlin

Solicitor, Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors

Very impressed with the speed of the report turnaround. This is key in childcare cases that we deal with.

Amy Bellingham

Family Law Solicitor, Elliot Bridgman Solicitors

Excellent turnaround times, arrived very quickly with the results.

Christopher Miles

Solicitor, Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors