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Twin DNA Test (Zygosity Test)

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How do we do our Twin DNA testing?

From just €119 our Twin DNA test – also known as a zygosity test – will confirm whether or not multiple children from the same birth (e.g. twins, triplets etc.) are genetically identical.

For this extremely simple test, cheek swabs are rubbed quickly and painlessly on the inside of the cheek to collect DNA from each person taking part in the test.

Once the DNA samples arrive at the laboratory, our in-house geneticists analyse and compare the DNA samples to determine whether or not the individuals share the same DNA profile.

Our analysis will determine whether the tested siblings are genetically identical, non-identical or potentially semi-identical.

Identical siblings are known as monozygotic. This means that they were formed from a single fertilised egg which went on to split into separate embryos. Identical siblings share the same DNA profile (barring some minor variations that are very difficult to detect).

Fraternal or non-identical siblings are known as dizygotic (twins), trizygotic (triplets) etc., and are the result of separate fertilised eggs. This means that they share DNA in common, as is the case with siblings from different births, but they do not have identical DNA profiles.

Semi-identical siblings are an extremely rare phenomenon.  They occur when a single egg is fertilised by more than one sperm and the egg then splits to form two or more embryos.  The embryos will have an identical contribution of maternal DNA, but different contributions of paternal DNA.  Any non-identical siblings could potentially be semi-identical, including boy-girl twin pairs.

Once the test is completed, a zygosity certificate is issued confirming the results: a unique keepsake for multiple birth parents.

* Working days from when the samples arrive at our laboratory before 10am

Why would you need a zygosity twin test?

Siblings that are of different sexes are not identical. By around 2 years of age, zygosity of same-sex twins may be quite clear from their physical features. Growth patterns (such as hair and eye colour, hand and feet appearance) can indicate whether or not the children are identical.

It can be interesting to know whether multiple siblings are identical because it may have been unclear in utero. Identical twins don’t always share the same placenta and sac: it all depends on when the eggs splits. Parents would be interested to know this information, and sometimes the twins themselves like to know when they’re older.

Establishing whether multiple siblings are identical can also help assess the likelihood of conceiving twins again: there is an increased risk for women who have had non-identical twins. In addition, some illnesses may affect monozygotic children so you could establish whether both/all children need testing for a particular condition.

Another novel use of a DNA zygosity profile, and which is increasingly in demand, is as a unique gift idea for multiple birth parents or their children.

Just €119 for results in 2-3 days

What is the difference between the standard and the enhanced test?

Our standard twin test is already industry-leading, as it analyses 25 DNA markers (the industry standard only analyses 16-21 markers).

What makes AlphaBiolabs unique is that we can also analyse up to 45 DNA markers. This allows more genetic material to be analysed, which strengthens the result and provides additional reassurance.

This is ideal for customers who want the most powerful DNA test available. 

What’s in our DNA twin testing kit?

Our DNA zygosity testing kit contains enough collection swabs to test two siblings. Extra swabs can be added as required.

Our home zygosity test kit is designed to be user-friendly with easy-to-understand instructions on how to take your test samples and return them back to our laboratory.

If you have any questions or do not understand how to take your samples please get in touch on 0140 29466. We will be more than happy to talk you through the process.

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For 26 years we believed that our twin boys were non-identical, as confirmed by the gynaecologist during the scan, which showed that they were in two separate sacs and that there were two placenta present.

All through their lives people struggled to tell the boys apart and we decided to arrange a zygosity test with AlphaBiolabs to clarify the matter once and for all. To our surprise the results confirmed that the boys are identical. This has ended years of speculation within the family and has provided us with conclusive scientific proof. Gail and Chris Evans

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