About AlphaBiolabs

DNA, drug and alcohol testing you can trust

Who we are

Established in 2004, we are Ireland’s leading laboratory offering DNA, drug and alcohol testing.

Our customer base spans the public, family & immigration solicitors, social services, businesses, academic institutions, and even the media.

We employ some of the foremost scientists in their fields of expertise, and have invested heavily in our laboratory, enabling us to test the widest variety of samples including cheek cell DNA, urine, oral fluid, hair, nails, blood and other biological samples.

We also operate a Dublin walk-in centre and have a national network of professional clinicians, making it easy to arrange a sample collection appointment at a time and place to suit you.

All legal and social work professionals can also benefit from FREE sample collections at our walk-in centre for legally-instructed DNA, drug and alcohol tests.

Who we work with

  • Members of the public
  • Family law solicitors & immigration solicitors
  • Social workers & local authorities
  • Businesses of all sizes & across all sectors
  • Healthcare providers & occupational health services
  • Pharmacies & clinics

You’re in expert hands

We continuously strive to enhance our services for the benefit of our customers, clients, and partners.

Our commitment to remaining at the forefront of our industry is what sets us apart, instilling confidence and ensuring our customers always receive the highest possible standard of service.

Our accreditations and certifications include:

ISO 17025

The internationally-recognised standard for Testing & Calibration Laboratories. A full list of our accredited processes can be found here on our most up-to-date scope of accreditation

ISO 9001

The internationally-recognised standard for the quality management of businesses



AlphaBiolabs is listed as an accredited DNA testing provider on Treoir – the national information service for unmarried parents.

Society of Hair Testing

Society of Hair Testing

We are members of the Society of Hair Testing. As such, we carry out all hair analysis in accordance with the agreed standards and best practice guidelines of this international scientific body.