Drug and alcohol awareness training

  • Complete drug and alcohol management
  • Awareness training and education for all staff at any stage of a drug and alcohol policy
  • Impartial and expert advice
  • Tailored knowledge to your specific requirements and industry sector
  • Training available for sample collection
  • Improve health and safety at work

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Could you recognise someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

Why choose AlphaBiolabs for your drug and alcohol awareness training?

It is important to raise awareness and educate staff about the company’s obligations, and their individual responsibilities, concerning drugs and alcohol within the workplace. This can reduce any ambiguity about what is unacceptable and provide guidance on what action will be taken if someone is involved with, or accused of, drug or alcohol misuse at work.

Employer knowledge of the laws surrounding drug and alcohol abuse is vital to ensure legal compliance. Repercussions of workplace incidents related to drugs and alcohol can be costly for a company, both in terms of brand damage and also financially as a result of industrial tribunals and legal fines. In addition, employers need to keep up to date with legislation relevant to their industry.

With AlphaBiolabs this training can be customised for the industry sector and designed to be relevant for employees at all levels within the business. The training can be conducted on your premises and will explain:

  • How drugs and alcohol affect the workplace
  • Signs and symptoms of misuse
  • Responsibility of both employees and the company
  • How a breach of the policy will be dealt with
  • What counselling and support is available

The right training and education can be vital to the successful implementation of a drug and alcohol testing policy, whether an existing policy, prior to amendments or as an introduction to a completely new policy.

Workplace drug and alcohol test sample collection

AlphaBiolabs has a dedicated, fully qualified sample collection team available every day of the year.

Chain of custody procedures are followed to ensure that confidentiality remains throughout the whole testing process.

Chain of custody also means that our workplace testing results are legally defensible. This is particularly imperative if the person being tested is likely to take legal action to contest the results of the drug and/or alcohol test.

We can also train a representative of your own staff to perform workplace drug and alcohol testing and sample collection to the highest standards. Competency training is also available for members of your staff already trained in sample collection.

More details on our workplace drug and alcohol testing methods can be found on our Workplace Drug Testing and Workplace Alcohol Testing pages. Alternatively, call us now on 0140 29466 and speak to one of our Workplace advisors.

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