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Four Easy Steps for your Y Chromosome Test

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How we do our DNA testing

We use state-of-the-art DNA technology to ensure the reliability and accuracy of our genetic testing.

Our Y chromosome test kit includes mouth swabs to be rubbed gently and painlessly on the inside of the cheek. No blood is required. 

About the Y chromosome test

All male children inherit their Y chromosome from their father. When these children become fathers, they will in turn pass the Y chromosome inherited from their father to their children. A Y chromosome test (Y-STR test) is therefore used in cases where alleged male relatives wish to confirm they share a common paternal line.

Males coming from the same paternal line will always share the same Y chromosome. The low mutation rate of the Y chromosome also makes this test more reliable. 

As the Y chromosome is only found in males, females cannot directly carry out a Y chromosome test. However, if needed, they could ask a male, paternal biological relative to take the test on their behalf. 

Trusted by the media to provide DNA testing for TV shows

When would a Y chromosome test be needed?

A Y chromosome test compares the Y chromosome profiles of the tested males to help confirm whether they share a common paternal lineage.

If the males have different Y chromosome profiles they do not share the same paternal line. A full match confirms a shared paternal line.

The Y chromosome test can also be used by male cousins who want to see if their fathers were brothers or to check if they share a common ancestor. Legal Y chromosome tests can be used in immigration cases as proof of relationship. For further advice call our expert team on 0140 29466.

What’s in our Y chromosome test kit?

The testing kit contains enough collection swabs to test two males.

Enclosed in our Y chromosome test kit: 

  • Peace of Mind DNA test request/consent form 
  • Full instructions on how to take the Y chromosome test and return the samples 
  • A self-addressed envelope to send the DNA test samples back to us 
  • Two DNA sample collection swab packages containing two swabs in each 
  • DNA test sample envelopes for both individuals

Swabs to test extra males can be added to the package as needed.

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