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DNA prenatal testing

  • 100% safe: no risk of miscarriage
  • Blood and mouth swab collections can be arranged locally
  • Just €1095 for confidential results in 8–10 working days, or upgrade to results in 5 working days for only an extra €200
  • We will beat any like-for-like quote
  • Award-winning, accredited laboratory
  • Trusted by the media to provide DNA testing for TV shows

Non-invasive prenatal testing you can trust from only €1095

AlphaBiolabs’ DNA prenatal test is Ireland’s most accurate non-invasive method of determining the paternity of a baby before birth. 

It works by analysing the baby’s DNA that is found within the mother’s bloodstream. As non-invasive prenatal test, there is no risk to the mother or the unborn child. An invasive prenatal test involves taking embryonic fluid directly from the womb using a needle. 

What are the steps involved in a DNA prenatal test? 

Obtaining one of our non-invasive prenatal tests could not be easier. 

  1. Order your test online by clicking the Order Your Test Here button or call AlphaBiolabs on 0140 29466
  2. Arrange to have your blood sample taken by one of our trained sample collectors or at your local GPs
  3. Receive your paternity results via email
The Queen Awarded Paternity DNA Testing
How does the prenatal test work?
Our non-invasive DNA prenatal test provides the most accurate way to determine paternity before birth. It uses a state-of-the-art process which combines the latest DNA technology and unique methods of preserving the baby’s DNA, which is naturally found in the mother’s bloodstream after 8 weeks’ gestation.


What exactly does non-invasive mean?
One of the best ways to explain non-invasive is to look at the opposite approach: an invasive DNA paternity test. The traditional invasive prenatal paternity tests require that cells be obtained from either the amniotic fluid or the placenta.

The non-invasive paternity test uses a simple blood sample from the mother and therefore does not require a needle to be inserted into the womb.

How accurate is the DNA test?
We provide at least 99.9% probability of paternity where the father is confirmed as being the father. This is backed up by many third-party studies.
When is the earliest I can take the paternity test?
The non-invasive test can be carried out as early as 8 weeks after conception.
How safe is the test? What are the risks?
With our unique non-invasive prenatal paternity test, there is no risk to your baby other than the normal risk to the mother of having a blood sample taken.

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