How Much is a DNA Test?

Find out how much DNA testing costs

How Much is a DNA Test?

One of the first questions that we get asked on a regular basis is how much are your DNA tests? This question’s answer really depends on the type of DNA test your require and what you’re going to use the results for.

If you’re looking to find out the paternity of a child but you’re not looking to use the results in a court of law then the price of this test will be much cheaper than if you’re looking to use the results in court due to the sample collection process.

For example, a legal DNA test cannot be taken by you. The DNA sample needs to be collected by an independent third party and as such it increases the price of the test. Also as a legal DNA test follows a chain of custody, where each step of the testing process is recorded is incurs a greater charge, due to the time this process takes.

DNA Test Prices

Here are some of the DNA testing prices of a few of the services we provide:

Please note: The DNA testing prices above are for peace of mind. If you need court approved DNA testing or testing for the CSA or immigration purposes, then you will require DNA testing prices for legal testing. This consists of AlphaBiolabs providing you with a quote so you have the ability to find the most cost-effective test for your needs. Please call for a quote on: 01 402 9466 or visit our forms page and request a public (legal) DNA test here.

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