What’s Included in a Paternity Test Kit

What's in our DNA Paternity Test Kit?

The AlphaBiolabs Paternity Test Kit

Please find information regarding our peace of mind paternity test kit below. All our kits are sent out the same day as ordered as long as this is before 3pm on a daily basis, excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

Please be careful when opening the packaging so as not to damage the DNA testing swabs.

What’s Included in a Paternity Test Kit:

In your paternity test kit you get:

  • Peace of mind DNA test request from
  • Personal details and DNA test consent from
  • Full instructions on how to take the test and return the samples back to us
  • A self addressed envelope to enable you to send your DNA samples back to us
  • x3 DNA sample collection swabs packages containing x2 swabs in each package
  • Individual sample envelopes for the mother, child and alleged father

When you receive your paternity test kit please read all the information enclosed carefully and follow the sample collection instructions in section 4.

Please note that we cannot start the testing process until all the consent forms are signed by the parties involved.