Ways People Try to Cheat a Drugs Test

Can you cheat a drugs test?

Can You Cheat a Drugs a Test?

For as long as there have been drug testing services, people have been trying to find ways around them.

Of course, the only way anyone can be certain of a negative result is to abstain from taking illicit substances in the first place but this doesn’t stop people attempting to fool the tests.

Here are some of the common methods used by drug users to try and make sure the results come back in their favour:

Adding substances to a urine sample

Many people believe that adding chemicals to a urine sample may prevent drug use being detected. In the past, some chemicals containing nitrates could successfully mask the presence of THC – a metabolite which is present when someone has been using cannabis.

However, over the years drug testing has become much more sophisticated and these types of chemicals are now routinely tested for. If they are detected, the results will come back as a failed drug test and another sample will be needed.

Another trick is to dilute the urine sample with water or another fluid to reduce the concentration of drug metabolites. However, again this is something reputable drug testing laboratories test for and will lead to a failed result.

Drinking lots of water

Some people try to cheat the drug test by drinking large amounts of water beforehand as they believe this will help them achieve a negative result. However, this can be very dangerous – water intoxication can be fatal – and it is likely the presence of drugs would still be found anyway.

In any event, laboratories will be suspicious if they are testing a urine sample with no or very little colour and staff are likely to reject it and record the test as a failure.

Swapping your sample with someone else

This method could involve submitting someone else’s urine and pretending it is your own. However, precautions can be taken by employers and loved ones to ensure there is no opportunity for the sample to be exchanged for another.

AlphaBiolabs offer a sample collection service under strict conditions which will ensure the urine sent to the laboratory is from the right person.

Using synthetic urine

Some people will use synthetic urine to get past the drugs test. While some simple tests may be tricked by this technique, synthetic urine will be detected by many laboratories, including AlphaBiolabs.

By testing samples for the presence of uric acid, lab staff can determine whether or not the urine is genuine.

Dyeing or bleaching hair

Tests which study hair samples for the presence of drug metabolites are extremely reliable. The metabolites pass from the person’s blood into their hair follicles and the evidence will remain locked in the strand of hair as it grows.

This allows drug use to be detected even when it has taken place months before the drug test. People may try to influence the test by dyeing or bleaching their hair but this will not prevent evidence of drug use being detected.

Avoiding saliva tests

As saliva tests only detect recent drug use, the most common way of achieving a favourable result is simply avoiding giving a sample until the drug can no longer be detected. If you are the person who wants the test to be done, make sure you ensure the sample is collected within two or three days of suspected use and less if the test is to detect cannabis use.

It is also wise to supervise the test closely as people may attempt to hold the collection pad between their teeth instead of between their cheeks and gums.

So Can you Cheat a Drugs Test?

So the question is can you beat a drugs test? Well the answer is not clear unless you use a reputable (fully accredited) drugs testing company to not only test the samples in laboratory conditions, but to collection the samples in a way that there can be no doubt that the sample collected is from the person being tested and that there has been no tampering with the samples while the collection was made.

AlphaBiolabs has been conducting drug testing for members of the public, the legal profession, local authorities and businesses throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland since 2004.

We have a fully trained drug sample collection service in Ireland who are able to take drug test samples from clients homes, places of employment, local clinics and doctors offices.

We have a state of the art, UK based toxicology laboratory and employ some of Europe’s best toxicology experts to ensure that every drug test we execute is right first time, every time.