In October each year, Ireland celebrates National Grandparents Day. This year, the country will commemorate this special day on Wednesday 6th October.

After all, if we have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, why not also dedicate a whole day to grandparents?

National Grandparents Day is an annual celebration of the special relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren. It’s a connection that’s proven to help grandparents live longer, and to help make children more emotionally resilient!

How to celebrate National Grandparents Day?

There’s no specific way to celebrate – every family in Ireland will have their own traditions. And if you’ve never celebrated Grandparents Day before, 2021 is the perfect year to create all kinds of new traditions and memories!

It’s a great excuse to enjoy a family day out or enjoy a picnic together. It’s also a brilliant time to look through old photo albums and remember times gone by.

You could even encourage younger grandchildren to hand-make a special card or gift for their grandparents.

ALONE, an organisation that supports older people in Ireland, is asking people to use Grandparents Day as an opportunity to reach out not just to their grandparents, but to any older people in their lives.

While the main purpose of the day is to honour grandparents and celebrate the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren, it’s also a day to recognise the strength, support and guidance that older people can offer younger generations.

ALONE believes that solidarity between young people and older people is more important than ever, especially as the country recovers from the pandemic. 

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