As Christmas approaches, many logistics companies across Ireland are starting to think about drug and alcohol testing programmes.

For firms offering transport, haulage and other distribution services, Christmas 2021 promises to be a particularly busy one. Coupled with increases in binge drinking across Ireland and the social pressures of the festive period, now is the time for logistics companies to put in place a robust drug and alcohol testing policy.

Why should I invest in drug and alcohol testing for logistics?

Drug and alcohol misuse can lead to staffing issues for your business, particularly during the busiest time of the year. Even worse, it could lead to legal action in the event of an accident or incident.

Comprehensive drug and alcohol testing is a crucial part of any logistics firm’s health and safety policy. Not only for vehicle drivers, but also for warehouse workers, machine operators and even office-based staff.

When you implement a drug and alcohol testing programme, you can increase productivity and reduce the likelihood of accidents and incidents.

AlphaBiolabs can work with you to create a thorough drug and alcohol testing policy that will help to maintain the reputation of your business.

We have over 15 years’ experience in drug and alcohol testing, and we can develop a testing policy tailored to your company’s exact requirements. We are also experts in producing legally defensible results that protect your business in the event that an employee formally disputes them.   

What types of drug and alcohol testing are available for logistics?

We offer a choice of testing options to suit every situation, including:

Why choose AlphaBiolabs for logistics drug and alcohol testing?

When you work with us, our professional team of workplace testing experts will be on hand to provide all the advice and guidance you need.

We also provide the fastest lab confirmations available, with same-day results if required. We offer full chain of custody procedures to protect your business in the event of a positive result, along with education and awareness training.

Are you ready to protect your logistics business with a robust drug and alcohol testing policy? Speak to one of our experts by calling 01 402 9466 or email