Court Ordered Paternity Testing

Learn about court ordered DNA paternity testing


Court Ordered Paternity Testing

When it comes to financially supporting a child you want to be sure who the biological father is, which is why it can be a daunting experience to discuss paternity especially when it’s in dispute. When it comes to this important question, paternity tests can be ordered by the court to prove or disprove the question of biological fatherhood.

More often than not Court Ordered Paternity Testing is requested by mothers who have alleged fathers who are refusing paternity and need it verified so they can provide child support but either parent can ask for a court ordered DNA test to settle this dispute. For example we see instances of paternity tests ordered by the alleged father in order to get visitation rights. The process of “legal” or “chain of custody” paternity testing involves having a neutral third party collect and submit the DNA samples to AlphaBiolabs for testing.

Since it can be a very trying time to go through and court ordered paternity testing results can provide very permanent consequences, it would be advised that you get the best legal help you can. In the event that you can’t afford the kinds of lawyers who have experience in situations like these, you would do well to try and get a pro bono lawyer who can advise you.

Paternity tests are the types of DNA testing that the majority of people have heard of with the rise of the celebrity lifestyle. These cases happen so often that the idea of a paternity test is ingrained into the public consciousness to the point where almost everyone has heard of someone who’s had to go through a paternity test. They also may try to contaminate the test swabs which will result in the need to retake the test.

When the father, mother and child participate in the paternity test, a properly accredited and experienced DNA testing laboratory such as AlphaBiolabs will provide a probability of paternity in excess of 99.999% thereby confirming the biological relationship, or alternatively issue a probability of paternity of 0%, thereby confirming with 100% accuracy the exclusion of the alleged father.

AlphaBiolabs cannot know if the samples submitted are from the correct person(s) and a level of trust is needed from the individual who is submitting the test. We clearly state that the samples have not been verified and hence the report cannot be used in a court of law.


Legal Court Ordered Paternity Testing

Legal Court Ordered Paternity Testing is much more expensive than a peace of mind paternity test due to the collection process and the process at the laboratory as each step of the testing process must be logged and reporting on. So we advise you to speak to the other party involved is possible as you may not need a legal paternity test.

When an embassy wants to find out whether or not the people a person is sponsoring for entry into the country are related, they can have an immigration DNA test performed. Advances in these DNA testing methods have made them almost impossible to fool allowing the immigration authorities to have trust in the testing method and procedure of the laboratory.

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AlphaBiolabs is an award-winning DNA testing lab, able to provide court-approved results.

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