Switched at birth: DNA test uncovers shocking truth after 57 years

Two women discovered that they were switched at birth 57 years ago after a DNA test revealed the shocking truth.

Tina Ennis and Jill Lopez, both of whom were born on 18th May 1964 at Duncan Physicians and Surgeons Hospital in Oklahoma City, US, had no reason to believe that they should question their parentage until Tina took a DNA test in an effort to locate her estranged grandfather.

It was after taking the test that Tina discovered her family tree did not include anyone that her mother knew, revealing the astonishing fact that she and Kathryn Jones – the woman who had raised her – were in fact not related at all.

With a little detective work, Tina was able to track down Jill Lopez on social media; a woman who was born on the same day as Tina and shared a striking resemblance to her mother, Kathryn.

Having since taken multiple DNA tests to confirm their suspicions, Tina and Kathryn are now suing the hospital for the mix-up along with Jill – Kathryn’s biological daughter.

The story of Tina and Jill being switched at birth tells an interesting story about DNA, and how human error can have a significant impact on family relationships.

What is a peace of mind maternity test?

As an accredited laboratory providing a range of peace of mind DNA testing services for the public, AlphaBiolabs is in contact with people every day who want to confirm their biological relationship to family members.

Although it’s usually easy to say who a child’s biological mother is, sadly this is not always the case.

Though not as commonly requested as a paternity test, an AlphaBiolabs DNA maternity test is a reliable way of verifying a biological relationship between a child and their mother.

A person might want to take a maternity DNA test to verify a relationship between a mother and child for several reasons. Examples include:

  • When there are concerns that baby switching has mistakenly occurred within a hospital
  • When an adopted child and their mother are reunited after years of separation and want to confirm their biological relationship
  • When a mother who conceived a child via in vitro fertilisation (IVF) would like to confirm that the correct embryo was implanted into her uterus

Scientific advancements in DNA analysis allow us to confirm a biological relationship between a child and a possible mother. 

Every person inherits half of their genetic material from each of their parents – half from mum, and half from dad.

When analysed by expert geneticists in a laboratory, it is possible to say if someone is a child’s biological mother by comparing the possible mother’s DNA with the child’s DNA.

Using a simple cheek (buccal) swab, AlphaBiolabs’ in-house geneticists analyse up to 42 DNA markers (alleles) and compare the two DNA samples to identify matching DNA markers.  

If the woman in question is the biological mother of the child, both the woman and child will share enough matching DNA markers (alleles) to confirm a biological relationship.

If the woman is not the child’s biological mother, they will not share enough DNA markers to confirm they are related. 

Where can I order a maternity test?

For just €135, you can order a maternity DNA test today from our accredited laboratory.  

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Once you have ordered your maternity test, simply follow the instructions included in your kit to collect your DNA samples.

As soon as your samples are received by our laboratory, analysis can begin. Your secure, confidential results will be emailed to you either the next working day or the same working day, depending on which option you choose when placing your order.

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Image Courtesy of @TINA.JONESENNIS

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