Paternity testing for siblings in Ireland

Paternity testing for siblings in Ireland

When performing paternity testing for siblings, we can establish whether or not brothers and sisters share the same mother and father, or whether they share either their mother or their father.

Full siblings each have the same biological parents, while half-siblings only share one biological parent – either the mother or the father.

How does paternity testing for siblings work?

Our DNA paternity test is the most accurate scientific method of determining paternity. However, there are times when a father is unavailable for DNA testing. In these situations, we can perform other types of relationship tests, including our sibling DNA test.

With this type of test, two alleged siblings need to provide their DNA samples. This is a simple process which involves using a swab to collect cheek cell samples at home.

Once you’ve posted your swabs back to us at the laboratory, we can begin the testing process. DNA is extracted from the cells, which enables our scientists to evaluate the amount of DNA shared between the two alleged siblings.

Full siblings will normally have more DNA in common than half-siblings, and half-siblings usually share more DNA than people who are unrelated.

Guaranteed results, or your money back

While our DNA paternity test always provides conclusive results, we cannot promise the same from our sibling tests.

This is because sibling DNA tests are reliant on the amount of DNA shared, and in some cases we might not be able to give you a conclusive answer. If this happens, we promise to refund the cost of your test.

Across the testing industry, sibling DNA testing can be up to 40% inconclusive. AlphaBiolabs have worked hard to reduce the inconclusive rate down to 24%.

You can order your sibling DNA test online for just €149, and you’ll receive your results the next working day. You can also upgrade to same working day results for an extra €50.

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