Paternity test with two dads

Paternity test with two dads

Our home paternity test can be performed with two dads and one child. The standard test includes one child, one alleged father and the mother (if available). However, extra swabs for another alleged father can be requested when ordering the kit.

The testing kit can be ordered from our website and posted direct to any convenient address. It includes full instructions on how to collect the DNA samples. No blood is required. All you need to do is rub the mouth swabs provided on the inside of an individuals’ cheek to collect some cells. These collected buccal cells are then returned to our laboratory using the self-addressed envelope contained in the kit.

The home paternity test is priced at just €149 for next day results, or €199 for same day results.

We also offer a prenatal paternity test, which can be used to non-invasively determine paternity of a baby before birth. This innovative test can be performed as early as 5 weeks after conception. The test is completely safe to the mother and unborn child. The mother needs to supply a blood sample and the alleged fathers again use a mouth swab to collect their DNA. The test costs €1095 for confidential results in 8–10 working days, or you can upgrade to results in 4 working days for an extra €200. 

How does a paternity test with two dads work?

When we receive your samples back at our laboratory, DNA profiles are produced. AlphaBiolabs examines specific DNA markers present in repeat sections of DNA from each sample. The child’s DNA is analysed to identify which half is inherited from the father and which half is from the mother. If one of the men undergoing DNA testing is indeed the biological father, both he and the child will share identical sections of DNA at each marker. If the tested man is not the biological father there will be differences in the DNA.

AlphaBiolabs is one of just a few laboratories accredited to test up to 35 DNA markers in standard tests (most relationship tests examine only 16). We also test all our exclusion results twice so you can be confident of getting accurate results.

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