What types of prenatal paternity testing are available? Which test is the safest? Can I order a test? Read on to find out more…

What types of prenatal paternity testing are available?

There are three types of prenatal paternity testing a pregnant woman can undertake. They are; amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling and non-invasive prenatal paternity testing.

Questions about the true identity of a child’s father can cause a lot of stress during pregnancy. Prenatal paternity testing can allay a lot of those concerns and doubt, but the test itself and the methods used can cause further concern for some.

Amniocentesis and chronic villus sampling are invasive medical procedures. In amniocentesis, fluid is drawn from the amniotic sac using a long needle which is inserted via the pregnant woman’s abdomen. In the case of chronic villus sampling, cells are taken from the placental wall using a needle or a transcervical tube.

Both tests are more commonly carried out where there is concern about a suspected genetic or chromosomal condition, such as Down’s syndrome or Edward’s syndrome, but they can be used for paternity testing. Unfortunately, both tests can increase the risk of miscarriage and can cause infections, bleeding and or damage to the amniotic sac and placental wall.

What does non-invasive prenatal paternity testing involve?

Non-invasive prenatal paternity testing is, in complete contrast, totally safe for both mother and baby.

It only requires a blood sample to be taken from the expectant mother, usually taken from her arm, and carried out by a trained health care professional, as well as a mouth swab to collect DNA from the alleged father.

At AlphaBiolabs’ accredited laboratory, the mother’s blood sample is analysed for traces of fetal DNA. If they are found, they are examined against the alleged father’s DNA sample to determine whether there is a match.

The test can be carried out as early as 7 weeks into a pregnancy, however, in some cases, this may be too early to detect any fetal DNA – it is unlikely, but a possibility. If this occurs, AlphaBiolabs offers an additional test, free of charge, at least 9 weeks into the pregnancy. If it occurs again, at at least 11 weeks into the pregnancy we will carry out another laboratory test, free of charge*.

In approximately 3-5% of cases, fetal DNA does not reach a sufficient level for testing. In this instance, after three attempted prenatal paternity tests, AlphaBiolabs will refund the cost of the test. AlphaBiolabs is the only company to offer this money-back guarantee.

The AlphaBiolabs prenatal paternity test can be bought from our website for just €1,095 and results will be sent to you, via a password-protected email, in 7 working days.

Call our experienced Customer Service team on 0140 29466 or email info@alphabiolabs.us for more information.

*please note, you are responsible for the cost of the blood sample collections.

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