Three men have admitted planning to smuggle €6.4m of cocaine into Ireland from Britain.

The stash, which was hidden in the back of a lorry among pallets of yoghurt and orange juice, was found in October 2020.

Attending Caernarfon Crown Court, the three culprits – Joseph Gray, Moynul Hoque and Usman Iqbal – admitted to exporting Class A drugs.

A significant haul

Hoque and Iqbal travelled to Thornbury near Bristol in October 2020 and handed over the drugs to Gray, who then attempted to transport the drugs to Dublin.

Gray was then arrested, and his lorry searched, revealing 69 kilos of cocaine divided into one-kilo blocks.

Hoque and Iqbal were arrested together in December 2020 at UK customs controls at the Channel Tunnel in France.

Callum Gracey, National Crime Agency (NCA) senior investigating officer, said: “These drugs would have put vast sums of money back into the hands of criminals who would have reinvested it into more offending.

“Class A drugs are at the centre of violence and misery which blight some of our communities.

“The NCA works closely with partners at home and abroad to fight the Class A drugs threat and protect the public from the harm drugs cause.”

The three men are due to be sentenced on 4th March 2022.

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