A new survey has found that 74% of people think drinking to excess is just a part of Irish culture. The Drinkaware research, which surveyed 1000 adults, defined two groups as hazardous drinkers (who made up 21%) and a 23% subset classified as potential risk. These two key groups within the drinking population deepens our understanding of alcohol consumption in Ireland today, says the organisation.

Within the two groups, the survey found that 73% of hazardous drinkers are male, with almost half aged under 34 years. That group were aware of the negative impacts of their current drinking behaviour and showed an openness to modifying their habits.

Research findings

• 77% of Irish adults drink alcohol; 23% abstain
• 57% of adults in Ireland who drink alcohol, drink on a weekly basis
• 19% of Irish drinkers have six or more standard drinks on a typical drinking occasion, which increases to 34% of 18–25-year-olds
• Under 25-year-olds report an average of 28 binge drinking sessions in the past year, which is the highest of all demographics
• 46% strongly disagree that they should cut down on their drinking
• 83% of hazardous drinkers consume alcohol weekly or more often, compared to the national average of 44%

Commenting on the research, Drinkaware’s CEO, Sheena Horgan, said: “There exists a national cultural complacency around excessive alcohol consumption that is complicit in normalising harmful drinking”.

Drinkaware’s work is focussed on three key areas: tackling underage drinking, reducing alcohol misuse and supporting alcohol education.

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