Gardai have issued a warning to those driving under the influence, following an increase in drink and drug driving checkpoints across Ireland.

Hildegrade Naughton, Minister of State at the Department of Transport, stressed that as people begin meeting up outdoors and enjoying the good weather across the country, now is the time to remember that “alcohol and driving do not mix”.

She said: “Drink driving is viewed by most people in this country as anti-social behaviour and completely unacceptable, yet there are some who persist in this dangerous behaviour.”

Same Waide, CEO of the Road Safety Authority (RSA), agreed: “While our research shows that most drivers believe that drinking and driving is not normal social behaviour, I am concerned at the numbers who are getting behind the wheel the morning after with drink on board. Drink driving is drink driving no matter what time of day or week it happens.”

Alarming new figures released by the RSA show that one in four drivers admitted to getting behind the wheel the morning after a night out, even when they suspected they could still be over the drink driving limit.

The study also revealed that almost 10% of motorists consumed alcohol prior to driving.

Professor Denis Cusack, Head of the Medical Bureau of Road Safety said that drug driving has also increased significantly in recent years. However, he highlighted that drink driving remains more common.

“In 2020, 94% of drivers, who following arrest provided an evidential breath sample for alcohol analysis, had alcohol detected in their breath.”

He added: “The majority of arrests for drink driving in males is evenly spread across the late teen to mid-40 age categories, while female arrests peak in the 35 to 44 age group.”

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