With AlphaBiolabs it is possible to do a secret DNA test. We have put three steps in place to ensure this.

1. Secret DNA sampling

Our Peace of Mind home DNA tests can be ordered direct from our website and sent to any address in Ireland. Full instructions are included in the testing kits on how to collect the DNA samples. This just involves rubbing a mouth swab on the inside of each donor’s cheek. For paternity tests, a sample is needed from the alleged father, the child, and the mother if available. The DNA collection process is very easy and is not invasive; however, it could lead to awkward questions from older children. For this reason, AlphaBiolabs has launched its toothbrush DNA test and nail DNA test. Sending in a child’s used toothbrush or collected nail clippings allows for more discreet DNA sampling, or indeed, secret sampling. What could be easier?

When the samples arrive at our laboratory, our in-house scientists will initially perform a viability study to see if they can extract a DNA profile from the toothbrush or nail clippings sample. If they can, a standard DNA relationship test can be performed, which examines up to 35 DNA markers. The range of DNA relationship tests include paternity, maternity, sibling, aunt & uncle, grandparent, twin (zygosity), Y chromosome and single genetic profile.

Consent is needed for anyone taking part in a DNA test. However, an adult with parental responsibility can provide consent for children under 16 years of age.

2. Discreet and confidential DNA testing

We understand that DNA relationship testing can be an emotional time. You may not want close family or friends to know that you are undertaking such tests. We therefore take various steps to help minimise any chance of the company name being recognised in any correspondence.

All of our DNA testing kits and letters are sent out in discreet plain packaging without company logos or branding. In addition, online payment transactions do not name AlphaBiolabs as the recipient on bank statements.

3. Secret DNA test passwords

We also only discuss details of our DNA testing with those who know the correct passwords or the answer to unique security questions. This password is picked by the person who instructs the test. All of our reports are sent as a pdf file that require this password to open them, so you can rest assured that this report can’t be opened by anyone else. In addition, all of our DNA samples are destroyed after 3 months and all identification paperwork – hard copy and electronic files – are destroyed after 12 months.

AlphaBiolabs can reassure its customers that its DNA testing is 100% confidential and data security is paramount. To view all of our secret DNA testing services, including toothbrush DNA testing and nail DNA testing, please call Customer Services on 0140 29466 or email us at info@alphabiolabs.ie