A non-invasive prenatal paternity test during pregnancy can set your mind at rest where there are uncertainties about the biological father of your unborn child. Furthermore, it is a test that can be carried out whilst you are pregnant, so you don’t have wait until your baby is born to confirm who the father of your child is.

As early as 7 weeks into your pregnancy, you can take the prenatal paternity test. It is 100% safe for you and your baby, requires no invasive procedure and there is no increased risk of miscarriage. Once you take a prenatal paternity test, you will have an answer to the question that’s been troubling you.

To carry out the test the expectant mother needs to provide a blood sample. This is usually taken from her arm under the care of a health worker. The alleged father also needs to provide a mouth swab sample, so it can be examined for his DNA which can then be compared against any fetal DNA present in the mother’s blood sample*.

Is a prenatal paternity test during pregnancy reliable?

AlphaBiolabs prenatal paternity test provides at least 99% probability of paternity where the father is confirmed as being the biological father. This means, it is more than 99% likely that the man whose DNA markers match that of your baby’s is the father.

Our trained scientists are experts in analysing samples for DNA matches and differences. Your blood sample will be examined for traces of fetal DNA. Where it is present it will be matched against the DNA markers in the alleged father’s cheek sample.

Every child inherits half its DNA from the biological mother and half from the biological father. In examining up to 35 DNA markers, we can determine which half of the fetus’ DNA is from the mother and which half is from the father. Where the tested man is the biological father, both he and the fetus will share identical sections of DNA at each marker.

Is it confidential?

AlphaBiolabs has been carrying out reliable and confidential DNA testing since 2004.

Our testing process and communication of your results are 100% private. We require standard information on our forms, such as your address and date of birth to ensure we are adhering to legislative procedure, but that information will be destroyed after 12-month retention period.

Results are always sent via password-protected email so you can view them in private at the right time for you.

Order a prenatal paternity test from us online. Or call us with any questions, on 0140 29466 or email info@alphabiolabs.ie. You can also read more about prenatal paternity testing in our Learning Centre.  


* In the unlikely event of an inconclusive result, we offer an additional test free of charge (when the mother is at least at 9 weeks’ gestation) with a newly collected sample. Should this also provide an inconclusive result, we will perform a final prenatal paternity test free of charge, when the mother is at least 11 weeks’ gestation. However, please note that you are responsible for the cost of all blood sample collections.

In approximately 3–5% of cases, foetal DNA never reaches a sufficient level for successful testing. Should this happen after three attempted prenatal paternity tests, AlphaBiolabs will refund the cost of your prenatal paternity test. We are the only company to offer this money-back guarantee. Please note, if you decide to cancel your test before we have had the opportunity to analyse all three samples, no refund will be payable due to the high cost of analysis.

Order a prenatal paternity test

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