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AlphaBiolabs’ risk-free prenatal paternity testing can determine whether a man is a baby’s biological father before the baby is born. The test can be performed as early as 5 weeks after conception (or 7 weeks after the last period), and is non-invasive and, therefore, risk-free.

Because a baby inherits DNA from both of its parents, AlphaBiolabs’ prenatal paternity test can identify if a man is the father of a baby by looking at three samples:

  • the pregnant woman’s DNA
  • the alleged father’s DNA
  • and the unborn baby’s DNA

The baby’s DNA can be found within the mother’s bloodstream. Therefore, the mother needs to provide a blood sample. There is no need to insert a needle into the womb to extract embryonic fluid so there are no side effects or risk of miscarriage. The alleged father simply needs to rub a mouth swab on the inside of his cheek to collect DNA from his cells.

The mother’s blood sample needs to be collected by a GP or another medical professional. The testing kit includes full instructions. Ideally, the blood and mouth swab samples should be collected around the same time to avoid any delays and the risk of the blood samples haemolysing.

When the blood and swab samples are received back at AlphaBiolabs’ laboratory, our scientists recover the DNA and identify which half of the baby’s DNA is inherited from the mother and which half is from the father. If the alleged father is indeed the biological father, both baby and father will share DNA.

Money-back guarantee

AlphaBiolabs’ prenatal paternity test provides at least 99% probability of paternity where the father is confirmed as being the biological father. However, a conclusive result cannot always be guaranteed because of the scientific limitations of non-invasive prenatal paternity testing. In the unlikely event of an inconclusive result, we offer two additional tests free of charge (after the mother is at least at 9 weeks’ gestation) with newly collected samples.

In approximately 3–5% of cases, foetal DNA never reaches a sufficient level for successful testing. Should this happen after three attempted prenatal paternity tests, AlphaBiolabs will refund the cost of your prenatal paternity test. Further information and FAQs can be read in our Learning Centre article: https://www.alphabiolabs.ie/learning-centre/prenatal-dna-paternity-testing/

The results of the prenatal paternity test are available within 7 days for just €1095. A faster express service provides results in 4 working days for an extra €200.

How to order risk-free prenatal paternity testing

You can order your prenatal DNA test here. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Services team on 0140 29466 or email us at info@alphabiolabs.ie