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Want to know whether you are having a baby boy or girl? Our baby gender test allows you to find out from just 8 weeks into your pregnancy.

A blood sample is all that is needed for this baby gender test, which is usually taken from the mother’s arm. The test is non-invasive so 100% safe to the mother and unborn child.

The baby gender test works by analysing a sample of the mother’s blood to determine if any foetal DNA is present. If foetal DNA can be found, a technique known as Next Generation Sequencing is used to look for any Y-chromosomal DNA. Because the Y chromosome is male-specific, the detection of a Y chromosome is indicative of a male child. If foetal DNA is detected without a Y chromosome it would suggest a female child.

This baby gender test can even be performed in twin pregnancies. The detection of any Y-chromosomal DNA will show that at least one baby is male. If there is none, all babies are female.

Start your planning earlier

Most pregnant women are offered at least two ultrasound scans during their antenatal care. The first scan at around 8–14 weeks can help to determine when the baby is due. The second scan (called the anomaly scan) is performed around the twentieth week of pregnancy. This is a detailed assessment of the development of a baby and checks for structural abnormalities. Gender is also apparent by this time so a sonographer may be able to tell the parents whether they are having a boy or girl, if they want to know.

However, if the sonographer can’t get a clear view of the baby’s genitals, it may not be possible to tell for sure. The scan may not be as clear as needed, the baby may be positioned awkwardly, or the sonographer may not have the sufficient expertise to interpret the scan.

The only way to scientifically determine the gender of your baby – as early as the 8th week of pregnancy – is with a baby gender DNA test.

Take this test and you’ll have more time planning for the new arrival. However, the mother must be at least 8 weeks’ pregnant to ensure that any Y chromosome present is at a detectable level. If the blood sample has insufficient DNA then another blood sample will need to be collected.

How to order a Baby Gender Test

Non-invasive baby gender testing costs just€249 with results in 7 working days. We also offer an express 4-day service for an extra €60.00

For further information, please contact Customer Services on 0140 29466 or email info@alphabiolabs.ie